In the Recoleta neighborhood,

hold by the iregularity of a grade ground, aromatized by the great variety of trees and shrubs, sorroundered by too many different phrases and codes, it is mounted since 50 years ago, the Plaza Francia’s Artsman Fair.

A crossroads of cultural paths, art museums, exhibition centers, cultural centers and historical sites, among others, that come together with the Artisans Fair to form an enriching balance.

This Fair, formed by artsmen who don´t avoid to incorporate to their works the identity of the original folks, the feelings of the authentic urban sthetic where they have been borned and the comunication through the objetcs, explains the eclectic of this creative fact.

So, it doesn’t result arbitrary, to find the relationship between a soft and transparent glass recipient and a metal corsage with subreality reminiscence.

The wishes of the artsmen of this fairs don’t finish in the remarks of their works, besides each artsman produces his own genuine language adding to the design owns resonances and other´s ones, learning their works in home workshops or interchanging with the others, this is the reason why it´s vry important to build their own ideological appliances, their ethical fundament and the ways to develope this feeling as a colective maner with the only purpose to promote this cultural activity which engage their lifes. If the Globalization has erased in a very significant way at same time of the Neoliberalism leaving people without his identity and without social ownings, depending of the diffusion methods established by the Goverment, this doesn´t happens with the urban arstmen thoughts.

When you visit an artsmen fair in Buenos Aires City, besides of enjoying the desings and identity samples, you will get in touch with thoughts and manifestations of the “porteña culture” and the direct interchange with the artsman.

Every weekend we invite you to participate in this meeting, in which we are all protagonists.

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